Individual Health Insurance

Washington State is very hands on in its approach to regulating the issuance of individual health plans. All carriers must use a state mandated health questionnaire.  That health questionnaire must be completed by all applicants for individual health plans with some exceptions. The health statement is scored on a point system with higher points for more recent and more severe conditions.  Under the current scoring method, you may accumulate up to 325 points before being ineligible.  There are certain chronic health impairments that automatically prevent you from being eligible. The following link will take you to the Washington State Health Insurance Pool where you can find a copy of the health statement and the scoring tool.

The primary three carriers offering individual plans in Eastern Washington are:
Lifewise Health Plan of Washington (a wholly owned subsidiary of Premera)
Asuris NW Health
Premera Blue Cross

In Western Washington products are also available from Regence Blue Shield.

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